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Easily the best haze machine on the market, nothing comes close for producing a smooth, even haze to fill a whole stage.  Faster and more controllable than the traditional DF50, these new hazers will fill even the biggest stages in under an hour and keep the haze going all day - even with the air conditioning running.

New technology produces a long lasting haze effect using a fraction of the amount of fluid due to it's super fine particle size.

The rental cost includes: 1 x Viscount, 1 x CO₂ regulator, 1 x 6Kg CO₂ cylinder.

For additional cylinders, see the related items link below.

We can also supply the Viscount mounted on a studio trolley complete with fan, CO₂ cylinder and 15m cable – please ask for details.

For fast and efficient hazing of a large stage, we recommend using in conjunction with a Jet-fan.

One day rental rate (RM): 150
One week rental rate (RM): 450
Replacment Value (RM): 25000
Number in stock: 5

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