Viscount Haze Machine

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Easily the best haze machine on the market, nothing comes close for producing an even haze to fill a whole stage. Better and more controllable than the traditional DF50, these new hazers will fill even the biggest stages in under an hour and keep the haze going all day even with the air conditioning running.

The rental cost includes: 1 x Viscount, 1 x CO₂ regulator, 1 x 6Kg CO₂ cylinder.

For additional cylinders, see the related items link below.

We can also supply the Viscount mounted on a studio trolley complete with fan, CO₂ cylinder and 15m cable – please ask for details.

For fast and efficient hazing of a larger stage, we recommend using in conjunction with a Jet-fan.

One day rental rate (RM): 150
One week rental rate (RM): 450
Replacment Value (RM): 25000
Number in stock: 5

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