Colt 4 Turbo

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The Concept Colt is perfect for smoke on set. The machine uses a system that does not need electrical power or a battery to produce smoke – so that the operator can walk through the set ‘smoking up’ without the need for a power cable. It can produce a lot of smoke before it needs to be re-heated.

Between uses, the Colt is left connected to 220v power to re-heat itself, and then unplugged for portable smoke generation.

The Colt uses Concept smoke fluid ‘A’ in refillable screw in aerosol cans, that can be filled by the user and pressurised with either a bicycle pump or compressor and then stored ready for use.

One day rental rate (RM): 100
One week rental rate (RM): 300
Replacment Value (RM): 8000
Number in stock: 2

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