Strike Back

Season 7 of Cinemax’s fast paced action series Strike Back was  filmed entirely in Malaysia – with Archipelago providing, and Adam Howarth supervising all the special effects.

The shoot was very challenging with 25 weeks of continuous filming across 2 units, to produce 10 explosive 50 minute long episodes – like shooting 5 action movies back to back!

Locations included Kuala Lumpur, Penang Island (doubling for Goa in India) and Johor where the production was centred around Iskandar Malaysia Studios.

Every episode contained several big shoot-out sequences and explosions.  Almost all the effects were done ‘in camera’.

The finale included a massive explosion sequence which starts in the 6th level basement of an abandoned Mall, through several sets built at IMS and continues out into a quarry location not far from the studios.

Season 7 was all filmed in Malaysia during 2018.

We have just complete work on Season 8 (the final season), filmed in Croatia during 2019 – more details coming soon!



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