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Pyrotechnics & Fire

Explosions and fire effects, including many ways to safely simulate explosions without using any explosive. Also includes squibs and body hits.

Mechanical Effects

Using physical means and rigging (including compressed air and hydraulics) to make things happen in a controllable, engineered way.

Atmospheric Effects

Wind, rain, snow and water effects, as well as smoke and dry-ice. We have the world’s best studio haze machines available to rent!

Miniatures & Miniature Effects

Creating realistic effects using miniatures (or larger than life models), to make large scale effects in a controllable and economic way.

Camera Rigs & Tabletop Rigging

Many macro style shots need well engineered rigs to create intricate effects. Often shot at high speed to slow down the action.

3D Mechanical Design

We design most of our mechanical rigs and many of our models in 3D to ensure all the details are perfect before we build them.

The story of Archipelago

Our team is comprised of a mix of Malaysian, Thai, German and Indonesian nationalities.  We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and our local/regional approach. 

Archipelago is led by Adam Howarth, a British special effects supervisor with 30 years experience in the industry, and who has been based in SE Asia for last 15 years.  He is the only member of the Institute of Explosives Engineers to be based in Malaysia.

We have an ongoing commitment to train and use the local workforce as far as is possible, to invest in people, and help them aspire to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Now based at Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Johor, we have the best equipment, at the very best studios in the region.

Our Portfolio

What Our Clients Say

  • Adam and his team are a safe pair of hands in every sense of the phrase. He has delivered inventive, cost effective special effects to Marco Polo consistently for two seasons and I am looking forward to the chance to collaborate again.
    I have full confidence in his approach to the work in terms of creativity, logistics and safety.

    Richard Sharkey – Producer, “Marco Polo”
  • When it comes to special effects, there’s nothing more important to a producer than reliability. We want it big, perfect, awesome and on time… and we want it safe. Adam has delivered time and time again, on one film after another, deep in the jungle, on sea and in the air, in countries where no one had ever done Hollywood-quality action films. Adam carved the path that others follow.

    Rob Allyn – Producer, “Java Heat”
  • Adam has a wealth of practical knowledge and film experience, he brings a truly professional approach to each project and hires the best people to round out his team. Whether it be blowing up a building or designing and rigging sets,  Adam’s drive, ingenuity and commitment to safety has always demonstrated itself.
    Every film should have an Adam!

    Gary Hayes – Owner of Syzygy Productions, Jakarta
  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the excellent work you’ve done this season, I really feel we’ve stepped it up a level with our effects and action, and a lot of that is down to you and your team!

    Jack Lothian – Writer, “Strike Back”
  • Just thought you’d like to know your giant, ever-unfolding explosions were getting whoops of joy from Andy Harries in the cutting room yesterday. We had a very successful screening of episodes 5&6 and he was so happy. Your work was the star of the show and he kept laughing and saying things like “There goes the budget!” And “Why not!?” You made it look like a huge big budget movie! Thanks so much!

    Steve Shill – Director “Strike Back”

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